World Cup day dreaming and more

Pão de Azucar

The World Cup is here in full force and I'm a fairly hard core fan. I've cried when my team has won, and I've cried during their victory parade. Its a bit pathetic but, hey, I own it. Besides obsessing over football, this quadrennial event always makes me dream of more travel. The location of this year's edition is particularly fascinating. Above is a shot I took (on a disposable camera no-less) of the Pão de Azucar in beautiful Rio de Janeiro on a visit in 2008. 

In honor of this phenomenal global sports event, here are some of my favorite reads on the subject, all with a travel tint.

Roads & Kingdom's Instagram feed is very Copa do Mundo focused.

If you are lucky enough to be in Brazil for the Cup, and find yourself in huge, cosmopolitain, intense São Paolo, then go discover the food. I would. 

A really awesome animated illustration from the New York Times on the curse of Maracanã


Some other interesting reads this week.

How Millennials are changing travel. Basically, why wait when we should live now. (I can obviously relate)

My next travel plan is going to involve at least a part of this ancient Inca road. Fascinating glimpse into the scale and scope of the Incan Empire. 

This article is a throw back to one my favorite cities to eat in, Saigon; also a great travel blog to keep tabs on.

If I lived in London, I'd go see this exhibit. Photography is another way to travel and this exhibit and competition remind us its not all luxury hotels, delicious street food, and smiling locals. We are damaging the place we call home. 

Modern ruins, a road trip and Mexico. Oh and trains, and I love trains and travel.

Read, dream, and travel.