Trekler Launch Page

Finally, we got our launch page up. Go sign up if you want to be one of our early beta users (i realize thats repetitive). We are still very much in the development stage and there likely wont be much we ask of you for a while, but its still exciting. 

Life is an adventure and whether we are traveling around the world or exploring our own backyards, capturing our experiences and sharing them makes our lives richer and more connected. Lots of apps exist that let us share a one off picture, location or comment. A trip, or an afternoon out with friends is not just one distinct moment in time - we move around, we discover, we take lots of pictures. We at Trekler decided that what was missing was a clean, easy way to combine all of these in to tell a fuller, richer story of the adventures we live.

With Trekler’s upcoming iOS7 mobile app, users use pictures, geolocation and captions to create a Trekle. Pictures are linked in a scrollable horizontal band of tiles, each linked to an interactive map. Users will be able to share, discover, follow and grow their Trekler community to discover their friends adventures.