Teotihuacan and boozy lunches


I'm all for long visits to beautiful and unique historical sites (see tour of the Palacio Nacional yesterday) but nothing beats a long and very late delicious boozy lunch. I have discovered to my immense pleasure that Mexico City eats on a Spanish schedule with long lunches starting around 2 pm.

Sue and I spent the morning honorably by driving out to the giant archeological site of Teotihuacan located about 40 odd kms out of the city. It was rather breathtaking though hot and dusty. I got a lovely sunburn on my shoulders though I swear I wore lots of sunscreen. After a couple of hours of climbing dizzyingly steep steps up and back down huge pyramids we came back to the city and settle on lunch at Contramar in Roma.

Two hours later we peeled ourselves away from delicious sangria and flan de coco for a wander around Roma and Condesa neighborhoods.