First Stop: Mexico City

The big trip kicks off with a soft landing with a long overdue visit to Mexico City, more accurately referred to as the DF (Districto Federal). 

Image of Mexico City.jpg

A few facts about the DF:

- Its a mega-metropolis with a population of 8.84 million people (2009). If you count the whole metropolitan area then we are talking about 21 million people. 

- Located at about 7,350 ft above sea level or 2,240 metres. Either measurement you use, it means the air is definitely thinner than in Seattle.

- Its massive. 573 square miles of massive.

- And last but not least interesting, it was originally built as Tenochtitlan by the Aztecs in 1325 and since 1585 has officially been known as the Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico City. That has to qualify it as one of the oldest cities on the American continent right?

Above is a link to a google map of all the places that friends, websites and guide books have informed me are interesting, beautiful or tasty to visit: